We’re on target for a top spot

national darts team is holding its own in the Bahamas. The side is already
among the top squads and looks set to bring back major accolades.

Cayman Islands are one of 13 countries taking part in the 2010 Caribbean
Championship of darts in Abaco, Bahamas. The competition wraps up today and as
of Thursday Cayman sat third in the Caribbean Cup standings trailing Trinidad
and Florida and ahead of the Bahamas, Brazil and Turks and Caicos. Florida is
competing as a country in the 18th annual Caribbean Cup as the US state was one
of the founding members of the tournament. The Bahamas have won the Cup on five
previous occasions.

is being represented by 18 established names in the sport. Five female players
are on the team in Michelle Cullen, Miriam Rodriguez, Linda Locke, newcomer
Tiffany Laurie and Irma Smith (who is a reserve for the team, taking Michelle
Terry’s spot due to medical reasons). They join nine men in Adrian Mannouch,
Eddie Ballantyne, Cliff Weeks, Earl Smith, Paul Anglin, Richard Campbell, Mel
Tagalog, reigning Caribbean singles champion Edsell Haylock and Arek Archibold
(who is also Cayman’s lone junior player). Guiding the side is team manager
Arthur Ebanks, head coach Anthony ‘Tony’ Archibold and assistant coaches
Cassius Anglin and Hank Ebanks.

states that Cayman is feeling good about its performance so far. “At some point
the scores were what they were. Go Cayman! Cayman is doing well and more updates
are on the way.”

is one of some 150 competitors at the event. Bahamas took some six months to
prepare for hosting the tournament. Before the weekend Cayman took part in the
fifth annual Americas Cup event and placed fifth. The top four teams in the
event were Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, the US and Canada. The North
American countries paced the field producing the men (Chuck Pankow of the US),
women (Marilyn Popp of the US) and youth (Shaun Nairaine of Canada) singles
champions. For Canada it is their first ever Americas Cup victory.

the Americas Cup is part of the World Darts Federation’s annual calendar. This
event is publicised worldwide and is followed by the other 64 members of the

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