Hoopsters’ dreams

Cayman’s national men’s basketball
league finished this month and though there will be a break in adult competitions,
the national team hopes to gain steam in the near future.

National men’s basketball coach
Daniel Augustine has stated that try-outs for the side will start in late
October. The biggest competition on Cayman’s schedule is usually the Island
Games however Augustine states the team could compete in other tournaments next

“Try-outs for the team are slated
to start in October, around the last week of the month. It’s all leading up to
the next big tournament. At the same time we’re trying to figure out the next
warm-up venue for the squad before we think about something like the Island
Games. We’ll also be making preparations for Central American and Caribbean
Games and the Caribbean Basketball Championships. Hopefully we’ll do some more
events during the year.”

Until the try-outs start Augustine
intends to keep his focus on development of the sport. Among the things he’ll
focus on is the Appleby U19 league starting next month and possibly the new
adult league slated to start in Cayman Brac in September.

“I’m going to focus on the youths
via the Under-19, U15 and whatever other youth leagues there are. I’m also
looking to build up my technical knowledge of the game. I’m not big on winning,
it’s about overall development.”

The next major adult tournament is
slated to be this Fall when the annual corporate basketball league gets going.
A number of male stars play in the competition like Rotando Thompson, Chad
Meixner and Kevin Maxwell.

Cayman’s national basketball team
has traditionally been one of the more successful national squads at the Island
Games, winning gold and silver medals. Representing Cayman over the years have
been some of the stalwarts of the sport like Collin Anglin, William Peguero and
Cory Thompson. Augustine has seen their talents up close for some time as a
player coach for the Silver Bullets men’s team.

This past season Augustine saw his
side fall short of another title as the Wolves nabbed its second straight
championship. Interestingly the Bullets were the only team to defeat the Wolves
during the season and based on the sentiments after the finals there is a
budding rivalry between the two clubs. Augustine states his side is looking to
get stronger to contend with the Windsor Park powerhouse.

“As far as the Wolves and Bullets go,
hopefully we’ll meet up in the finals. I think possibly as early as next year.
We have a lot of young guys like Kwei (General), Deandre (Simpson) and Lloyd
(Samuels) that have a lot of basketball in them. Though they’re off to school
the majority of the year they’re a big part of our team.

“I take my hat off to Trini (Wolves
head coach Duran Whittaker). He’s been working diligently with that core group
of guys and he has a passion for the game. The whole season wasn’t what I expected
but I’m pretty pleased with the team. We’re rebuilding the team’s structure to
see how far we can take it.”

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