Cancer awareness this month

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society
has announced that it will observe the month of September as Gynaecological
Cancers Awareness Month.

During the month, the society will
distribute vouchers to women with restricted or no health insurance coverage,
for a free Pap smear. The program is made possible this year thanks to the
donation of services and reduced pricing for services by doctors and
health-care facilities.

The Pap test is a screening test
for cervical cancer. The society recommends that women in the Cayman Islands
have their first Pap smear within two years of becoming sexually active or by
the age of 21, whichever occurs sooner. Thereafter, a woman should have a Pap
smear every two years or more frequently if recommended by her doctor.

Additionally, the society will be
highlighting issues surrounding endometrial and ovarian cancer. Meetings will
be held in the different districts, where local and visiting doctors will be
doing presentations on a variety of related topics. Vouchers will be distributed
at these meetings, but may also be obtained from the society’s office on Maple
Road beside the Cayman Islands Hospital.

In order to increase awareness
among the community, the society will also be visiting community groups and
businesses. This service is offered at no cost and can be arranged by calling
the society’s office.

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society
is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing the development of cancer
through its education programs and screening initiatives as well as providing
financial assistance to cancer patients and their families with treatment
related expenses.

The society also offers counselling
and support to cancer patients and their families. The society funds its
programs through fundraising events and donations from the public and from the
corporate sector whose generosity is very much appreciated.

For more information on the society or on activities during the
month of September call 949-7618 or email [email protected]