More extraditions loom as Dudus prepares for trial

speculation has emerged in the United States that prosecutors there are
preparing extradition requests for more Jamaicans linked to reputed drug
kingpin Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

For the second time since Coke was
arrested and extradited to the US, prosecutors have placed sealed documents
related to the case in the vault of the US District Court for the Southern
District of New York.

The latest filing took place earlier
this week, as usual; prosecutors gave no explanation as to what is contained in
the sealed document. A similar sealed document had been placed in the vault in

At that time, legal sources in the
US dismissed claims that the sealed document could be any plea deal involving Coke,
who is facing a lengthy prison sentence if convicted of charges of conspiracy
to distribute illegal drugs and trafficking in firearms.

According to the legal sources, the
sealed documents could be indictments of those individuals who assisted Coke during
the 10 months that the Jamaican Government delayed his extradition from Jamaica.

“It could also be a product of
the Department of Justice investigation into the Manatt FARA filings,” a
US-based attorney said.

The Jamaican Government had spent
months haggling with its American counterpart over issues related to the
extradition request.

During that time, the Jamaica
Labour Party (JLP), sanctioned by Prime Minister Bruce Golding, reportedly
contracted the US law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips to engage the
Americans to “settle a treaty dispute” related to the request.

Coke, who was extradited to the US
in June, returns to court on 7 September for a pre-trial conference.


Dudus is scheduled to appear in court on 7 September.
Photo: Jamaica Observer

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