Witness names a new shooter

Murder trial continues for three

A Crown witness on Wednesday named
a different shooter in the trial of three men accused of killing Omar Barton
Samuels in July 2009.

Witness Marcus Steve Manderson told
the court that Mr. Samuels called the name “Martin” when asked who shot him on
the night of 4 July 2009.

The three men accused of Mr.
Samuels’ murder, Patrick Elbert McField, Osbourne Wilfred Douglas and Brandon
Leslie Ebanks, were identified by the Crown’s first witness, a 16-year-old

Mr. Samuels, who was shot in the
leg, bled to death.

Mr. Manderson told the court he did
not remember giving police a statement five days after the event, though he
agreed the signature on the statement looked like his, and that he could not
recall things contained in the statement.

He said that all he remembered of
the night was tying up Mr. Samuels’ leg. When he saw Mr. Samuels on the ground,
he asked what happened. Mr. Samuels asked him for help and told him ‘Martin’
shot him and took his gun.

The witness did not tell police
that. “I figure he would tell police ‘cause he wasn’t dead.”

According to the July 2009
statement, which Mr. Manderson said he did not recall giving, he had said Mr.
Samuels told him “Them man they shoot me and take away me gun.”

Questioned by Solicitor General
Cheryll Richards, he told the court, “I don’t remember saying that.”

Asked if “Them man they” refers to
more than one person, he replied, “I cannot say.”

Ms Richards said, “Let me suggest
you have come here today to tell a lie to this court, to be untruthful?”

“No, ma’am,” he replied.

She said he seemed determined to
say “I don’t remember” in answer to her questions: “Has anyone told you to say
that?, she asked.

“No, ma’am,” he said.

He also said he did not recall
seeing Mr. Samuels and Patrick McField look like they were arguing at Peppers
Night Club earlier that night.

In response to further questioning
he said, “I don’t remember because I was drunk.”

“Not only do you not want to give
evidence, you are making up something new,” Ms Richards said.

“No, I’m not,” he answered.

He said he did not recall Martin’s
name at first because he was in fear. He said he was still in fear “because I
don’t know who he is.”

Under questioning by Trevor Burke
QC, Mr. Manderson agreed that Mr. Samuels did not want the identity of the
person who shot him known to the police.

He also agreed he told prosecutors
last month that if he were called to give evidence, he would say ‘Martin’.

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