From small beginnings

Small businesses in the Cayman
Islands have served as the glue that keeps the Island’s economy stable, as well
as a source of pride and accomplishment for many Caymanians.

Amid the list of such businesses,
there are several that have grown from basic operations to become full-scale
leaders in a particular area of business and service.

The Security Centre is one
business whose beginnings in the Cayman Islands were much more modest than the
company that now employs hundreds of people and has become synonymous with
protection and security in the jurisdiction.

Catering for both commercial and
residential markets, the Security Centre provides electronic systems and
physical services around the island.

The company is actually the
result of the merging of Five Star Security and Security Countermeasures
International, both of which existed in Cayman during the 1990s. Five Star
Security was a manpower driven company, while SCI was a technology driven outfit
that specialized in computers, alarms and cameras.

When the companies came together
in 2000, the current president of the Security Centre, Stuart Bostock, was
working as a policeman.

He sat down the with the
Observer on Sunday to discuss the company’s success and how it went from a
startup to becoming one of the premier security companies in Cayman.

Bostock explained that he was
approached by the owners of the company to come on board as an operations
manager shortly after the merger. At that time there were only 40 employees.
However, after realizing the company’s growth and development, he was promoted
to president in 2003. Today the company boasts a staff of 200 and has become
the largest and most diverse security company in terms of services and products,
according to Bostock.

He added that one of the main
reasons for the Security Centre’s growth is its responsiveness to clients and

“All our business cards have our
cell phone numbers on them, and our clients always have access to top management,”
said Bostock. “Our clients know when they come to us that we don’t paint
fences. Our job is to protect and ensure our client’s safety and security, as
well as to come up with specific solutions for their risk profile. One thing is
usually not the solution but rather layers, like an onion.”

Bostock’s expertise was evident
in his commentary about the business’ successes over the years, as well as his
perspective on what people should expect from security companies.

“We do not solve or even necessarily
stop crime. We are under no illusion that we will solve the problem. What we do
know is that fortified homes force burglars to go next door.”

Bostock added that he was not at
all interested in seeing security guards with firearms, as he believes that the
Cayman Islands “are of a size and mentality that allows for crime to be
controlled by law enforcement and all other agencies. It cannot just be a job
for the police alone, though.”