War on weight starts now

Week one

– 198 pounds

The WOW challenge has just started and I’m excited to be taking the
first steps to a slimmer and healthier me. I was so excited when I first got
picked but at the same time obviously nervous about what lies ahead. It was
nerve racking reading about the commitment -sixteen weeks of intensive group
exercise, from boot camps, spinning and martial arts to qigong and yoga, as
well as group therapy sessions to get to the root cause of weight gain. But, I figured
that if the WOW committee has chosen to believe in me, then I’d better get on
board and believe in myself.

I’d love to say that as soon as I
found out I had been chosen to be a part of this year’s WOW that I immediately
embraced a healthier lifestyle and changed my eating habits, but I’d be lying.
Instead I decided to savour all my favourite foods – donuts, pasta and coke –
as I know the next few months sadly I’ll have to cut back on all of these. Most
of all, I’m worried about the soreness. I know that I am going to feel it in
every bone, joint and muscle.

As part of the WOW contest we all
had to have blood taken by a nurse at Dr. Sook Yin’s clinic. I hate needles and
avoid them at all costs, but I figure this is nothing compared to what lies
ahead. The results were then analysed by Dr. John Addleson. The bad news was my
cholesterol, which was too high. Also, my blood sugar level was at the top of
what is deemed to be acceptable. Dr. Addleson highlighted that with exercise
and a change in diet these numbers would improve. The good news was that my
blood pressure was fine. We also had to get weighed and measured by a team of
medical students from St. Matthews University, who will continue to monitor us
throughout the contest and record the progress we are making. The bad news is
that at only 5’4’’ I weigh in at 198 pounds. The good news, well to be honest
at this stage there wasn’t really any good news.

The WOW challenge is not just about
exercise, but about embracing a healthier lifestyle. We therefore all had to
meet with registered dietician Chad Collins at his Grand Harbour clinic. He put
together a tailored eating plan for me, and offered advice on meal timing,
portion control and self-discipline. There are definitely no donuts, pasta or
coke allowed – this is really going to be tough.

To ensure there are absolutely no
excuses, the WOW committee also organized a deal with Reflections so we could
all invest in some new work-out gear. I’m now a proud owner of a water bottle,
yoga mat and weights and some new tennis shoes, which are probably more likely
to be used for crawling than running if my current fitness levels are anything
to go by.

It’s only just the start of WOW and
I’m already exhausted, but the camaraderie amongst my fellow WOW contestants is
already fantastic. I can’t wait to shed the pounds, embrace a healthier
lifestyle and see a thinner, more energized me emerge.

To learn more about WOW and follow
this year’s contestants, visit www.caymanactive.com/wow.