Triple C students ace CXCs

Triple C Students taking CXC exams have
done it again.

For the third year in a row students
taking the CXC examinations had a 100 per cent pass rate.

In 2007-2008 head of English Linda
Williams introduced CXC exams for the first
time at Triple C.

This year mathematics and principles of
business exams were added. Ninety-five per cent of students who took exams
received either a Grade 1 or 2 in the three subjects offered.

To offer this dual system some of the
syllabus for CXC, it is covered within the scope of the school’s US curriculum.
Students taking the exams must also commit to after-school classes to cover the

The school plans to expand the CXC
subjects offered each year, enabling students to eventually complete both a
British and an American qualification. CXC exams make students eligible to go
on to A-levels for entry to British or Caribbean universities.

In addition to the CXC courses, the
school offers Advanced Placement courses for college credit.