What exactly is recovery month?

Recovery Month, in September,
highlights the societal benefits of substance abuse treatment, the contributions
of treatment providers and promotes the message that recovery from substance
abuse in all its forms is possible.

The key objectives are to raise
awareness of the harm that alcohol and drug misuse and abuse has, not only upon
the people who use these substances, but also on the people who are affected by
their misuse or abuse. It also aims to celebrate, offer support and applaud
those people involved in recovery and those providing support for the people in

This year’s theme for Recovery
Month is Join the Voices of Recovery: Now More Than Ever! 

In addition, this special month is
organised to encourage citizens to take action. Never forget that an act of
kindness from you can make a world of difference to someone trying to become
more productive in their life and community. There are mechanisms in place to
help those who are in need of treatment, but to achieve success; we all need to
do our part.

Substance misuse/abuse has affected
many lives here in Cayman. No longer can we ignore the dire circumstances
involved in drug-using lifestyles that continue to affect these Islands. 

The Department of Counselling
Services will kick off Recovery Month with a series of public service
announcements, aimed at promoting awareness about substance abuse and its
counterpart, recovery. A series of articles will appear in the local media and
special events will be organised to celebrate Recovery Month. 

For further information about the
events planned, contact The Department of Counselling Services.

If you or a loved one would like to
address an addiction and enter into the process of recovery, or if you would
like further information on substance abuse treatment, contact The Department
of Counselling Services at 949-8789. You may also visit the office at the
Flagship Building, 3rd Floor – Block B, George Town.

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