Second young person gives Samuels murder trial evidence

Police explain photo identification process

A girl who was 15 in July 2009 gave
evidence on Tuesday in the trial of three men for the murder of Omar Barton
Samuels. The accused are Patrick Elbert McField, Osbourne Wilfred Douglas and
Brandon Leslie Ebanks.

Because of the girl’s age, she is
not identified. She said she had been the best friend of the girl who was the
Crown’s first witness.

The girl told of walking with her
friend along McField Lane on the night of 4 July, 2009, and seeing Omar
Samuels, whom she knew. The three walked to a house, sat on the wall and
talked. The porch light was on. Three men came around the corner. She knew one
— Patrick — but not the other two. One of them had a scarf over his head, but
she could see his eyes. The other wore a hat and she could see his face.

Each of the men she didn’t know had
a gun in his waist. The man with the scarf started arguing with Omar, then
pulled out his gun. The other man pulled out his gun. It looked like they were
going to fight and she got up and went around the side of the house. Omar got
up and tried to move from in front of the men. He walked along the fence and
the man with the scarf started shooting. Then the man with the hat started shooting.
After more shots, she and her
friend ran.

After that, she saw the man with
the hat riding his bicycle through her friend’s yard every two days. “We got
scared so we just went to the police station.”

She denied anyone had told her what
to say. She agreed she didn’t tell police everything she said in court, but
said she was scared and didn’t remember everything.

Officer Gustavo Rodriguez explained
previously how he put together sets of photos, one spread for each accused.

The first set was for Douglas,
using the suspect’s photo and 11 others of similar facial description. The
photos were arranged in different combinations. He made up sets for Ebanks and
McField also and gave them to Chief Inspector Courtney Myles.

Mr. Myles told the court each
defendant was asked if he wanted his attorney present and each selected which
photo spread would be used in the photo identification process.

Mr. Myles said he told the girl he
wanted her to look carefully at the photos to see if she saw any of the persons
she alleged she had seen when Omar was shot. He told her the person or persons
might not be in the photo spread and she should take her time.

He showed her the spread with
McField in it and she said, “I don’t see them.” Shown the spread with Douglas,
she replied, “I don’t see them.” Shown the third spread, she picked Brandon.

Mr. Myles previously told the court
he had shown photo spreads to the first Crown witness and she identified the
three defendants.