Sharp Scorpions

Out of all the co-ed softball teams
playing on Thursday 9 September, the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Scorpions stand
out. Heading into their match against HSBC at 7.45pm on field three, the side
is unbeaten at 4-0.

PWC has been blessed with a number
of new additions excelling for the club. From former basketball player Terry
Ballard to softball stalwart Eric Stachelski, sporting ability is all over the
line-up. The side now has the potential to not only exceed last season’s win
total of four but produce the first winning season in its history.

Among the team members looking
forward to winning more games is Vice-captain Simon Gill. The Rawlinson and
Hunter manager has been on the team since inception and has endured a number of
losing streaks. The worst of which came over the last two years as the club did
not win a single game for four straight seasons. Gill states he is happy those
days are long gone.

“Its been a dream start to the
season but every match has been tough. I just hope we haven’t blown all our
good performances early on in the season! I’m confident we can stay on a roll
then step it up another level for the play-offs.”

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