Ford deals with perfect models

This summer young Caymanian Andrew
Ford came onto the sports scene with a new gymnasium that incorporated training
for sports like mixed martial arts and boxing. Lately he’s been working out
some of Cayman’s hottest women.

Ford, 24, has served as personal
trainer to the Miss Cayman pageant contestants for the last six weeks. During
the week he has trained the girls in groups of three at his Ford Fitness Centre
gym in George Town. On Saturdays he has done outdoor fitness drills on Seven
Mile Beach on West Bay Road.

A boxing enthusiast, Ford talked
about the work he has done with the ladies.

“I’ve been training the girls for a
month and a half now,” Ford said. “I focused on circuit training with them
while mixing in elements of a boot camp. They’ve done runs, push-ups, sit-ups
and numerous exercises to get in shape. I got in on this through one of the
contestants who recommended me to the organizers.

“The girls that have shown up
consistently are showing results. They’re getting fitter and I’m proud of the
time and effort I’ve put in with them. I just hope to work with as many people
as I can. I’m all about getting as many people in shape as I can.”

One of the girls who has worked
with Ford and speaks highly of the born-and-bred Caymanian is Shari Walton. The
Savannah native is currently a Cayman Islands Law School student and the eldest
daughter of four. Interestingly Walton, 21, has family from her father’s side
in Cayman Brac while her mother’s family hails from West Bay.

Walton states the training has
helped her reach important fitness goals.

“I love it as I’m naturally a very
active person,” Walton said. “Training with Andrew is very enthusiastic for me.
He’s a great trainer and although he pushes me I feel confident. The Saturday
beach sessions are hard but different. The setting may be calm but working with
the other contestants is extra motivation for me.

“I’d recommend him to anyone. He’s
awesome and does well engaging with us in the workouts. All in all training
with Andrew has been very helpful in fulfilling the fitness portion of the Miss
Cayman pageant.”

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