Make your home and business secure

Is your home or business welcoming
potential burglars with open arms?

Take a look around.

That’s some of the best advice for
anyone with a home or business. Look at your structure through the eyes of a
burglar. If you think your security looks insufficient, chances are a thief
will draw the same conclusion.

Start with your doors.

Two-thirds of the burglaries at the
southern end of West Bay Road occurred when householders had not locked their
doors or could not remember if they had locked their doors.

The message is clear – make sure to
lock your doors, even if you are at home.

Many of the burglaries along that
stretch happened when people were home, and that’s dangerous.

Basically, if your front and back
doors are not secure, neither is your home.

Quality locks and bolts are only as
strong as the door and frame on which they are fitted. If you’ve got a weak or
rotten frame, replace it.

Glass panels on doors can easily be
broken. A good fix is using laminated glass instead.

Also take a look at your lighting.
Motion detection lights for the outside of your home or business are relatively
inexpensive and can be purchased at just about any home improvement, lighting
or security retailer.

Security lighting should make
offenders feel vulnerable and observed should illuminate high risk areas and
allow occupiers to see anyone approaching. It’s also safer when you’re returning
to your home or business at night.

If you’ve got questions about the
security of your home or business, call one of the many security companies
listed in the Buzz telephone directory. Many of them offer a free assessment
and proposal.

Another way to help secure your
home or business is to cut down high shrubbery that blocks your house. If you
have high shrubs or walls, you are basically inviting intruders and giving them
a place to hide.

Because the Cayman Islands’
population has grown so fast, many of us don’t know who our neighbours are.

Get to know them and work with each
other to help keep an eye out on your property, especially when away or off the

The Observer on Sunday wishes
safety for all.

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