Bolt eyes switch to beautiful game

Usain Bolt intends to try
professional football when he has exhausted his athletics achievements, he
says. The lightning-fast sprinter soared to fame at the Beijing Olympic Games
in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay with gold medal world record runs and also
at the Berlin Championships where he shattered the records.

Currently the world record holder
of the 100m and 200m in 9.58 seconds and 19.19s respectively, Bolt has
dominated the track over the past two years. But the speedy Jamaican still
aspires to do more. He wants to break his own records and bring the 100m mark
down to 9.4 seconds, a feat which he claims will “probably never be beaten by
anyone else”.

The 24-year-old Manchester United
fan then wants to turn energies to the beautiful game, arguing that he would
make a good “defensive or attacking midfielder.” He said: “I always watch those
guys and I think I could be a professional footballer. I’d like to play
football for two years. Maybe I could get into a good side or even an average

Though this may seem somewhat
whimsical, for Bolt, the transition between sports has already happened. An
aspiring cricketer as a kid, Bolt said: “I was playing cricket one day and my
coach said: ‘You know what? Try track and field’ because I was running pretty

Already having given
Cristiano Ronaldo advice about working his own feet, Bolt believes he can contribute
something to football, albeit if it is a little bit of flair and personality.
If he does achieve his 9.4 seconds targets and transfers from track to pitch,
the football world will certainly be more interesting for it.

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