Closing speeches scheduled in murder trial

Solicitor General Cheryll Richards was scheduled to
address the jury on Monday morning and summarise the Crown’s case against the
three men accused of murdering Omar Barton Samuels on the night of 4 July 2009.

Evidence was completed on Thursday afternoon and though
it was expected that speeches would begin Friday morning, the jury accepted
Justice Charles Quin’s option for them to visit the scene.

Defendants Patrick Elbert McField, Osbourne Wilfred
Douglas and Brandon Leslie Ebanks did not to go, but they were represented by
their attorneys.

Scenes of Crime Officer Zoan Marin led the group, which
stopped at various points, including an area off McField Lane, the C and M
Building and the house where two Crown witnesses said Mr. Samuels was sitting
before he was shot.

There was no discussion during the site visit, except
when jurors separated from the rest of the group to talk among themselves.

After the group returned to the courtroom, Ms Marin
summarised the visit for the record and noted changes to the scene since the
incident, including a street lamp that was not there last year. She also
answered questions Justice Quin had received in writing from the jury.

Ms Richards concluded her presentation of evidence on
Thursday morning. Counsel for McField and Douglas offered no evidence.

Ebanks testified he had spent the evening of 4 July at a
friend’s house, and that he bought food at Jah T’s (in the McField Lane area)
around midnight. He said he went back to his friend’s house, where his
girlfriend picked him up around 12.30am and they then parked in the lot across
from Smith Cove before she took him home.

George Leonard Powell said Ebanks spent the evening at
his house, and a witness told the court she picked him up around 12.30am,
parked at Smith Cove because they were having an argument, and then took him

Ms Richards suggested they were providing an alibi to
protect their friend, but each denied doing so.

Attorney Nicholas Dixey read a statement signed by
Leighton Rankine Jr. who said he was at McField Square the night Mr. Samuels
was shot, and that he was speaking to two men when Mr. Samuels came along,
spoke to them, pulled out a gun and put it to Rankine’s neck. Mr. Rankine gave
his statement to police on 5 July, 2009.

Detective Inspector Collins Oremule previously testified
he had received other complaints that Mr. Samuels had threatened people with a

***Editor’s note: This story was changed on Dec. 23, 2014 to remove the name of a witness***

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