Rascals but certainly not villains

Like other sports co-ed softball
incorporates lots of socialising with physical exercise. One of the teams
finding out that fact for the first time is the DMTC Rascals.

The Rascals are one of the new
teams in the Cayman Islands Little League Fall Adult Co-ed Softball League and
join two other new clubs in the C division in HSBC and Brit-Cay (featuring
fitness guru Alton Williams). So far the newbies have held their own and are
third place in the standings.

Leading the mischievous group is
team captain Sarah Bertran, who has been re-introduced to the sport this year
after a long lay-off. Interestingly she has a solid interest in the sport in
spite of her British roots where softball is not huge.

“I was born in England but have
been here 16 years now so am naturalised and Cayman is home,” Bertran said. “On
the field I prefer playing second base. I actually played in the co-ed league
many years ago but really I just started playing again.

“(As far as the team goes) we have
style, that much is true. Unfortunately for the team I have coached t-ball (5-6
year-olds) and pony (7-8 year-olds) in the local little league so my coaching
style can probably be described as “very bossy.”

The Rascals may be new to softball
but many of their players are familiar faces on the local sports scene. A pair
of basketball stalwarts are on the team in Lauri Webster and Adam Milburn. In
fact for Milburn softball comes a few weeks after he played for the Dominos
Warriors in the national men’s basketball league. Then there is Winston
Connolly, who is pulling double-duty playing flag football for the Maples

Bertran states all of those players
are important pieces and there are others that will have big roles in the

“The stand-outs on the team are
Winston Connolly our main pitcher and newcomer Rob Weims (cool under pressure
on first). All the ladies Sabrina Welds, Jess, Susan Connolly, Salema Solomon,
Lauri Webster and Nicole Ebanks deserve props.

“There are some other characters
worthy of note. There is Juan Bertran, the only Cuban who didn’t play much ball
as a child and prefers to talk his way around the bases. Meanwhile Gary “the
Boss” Linford is a sharp thinking South African whose mind works faster than
his body.”

The Rascals are one of six squads
in action on Monday 13 September at the Field of Dreams in George Town. The
side takes on division foes Electra-Tech Pure Energy at 6.30pm on field three.
Led by team captain Dave Phipps the Pure Energy side have been shockingly good
so far. Coming into this week they sit in second place in the C league, a game
behind Andy Armstrong, Ashleigh Leeson and the PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Scorpions. Bertran is not worried about her opponent on Monday or about the
wins and losses in general. She states the focus of the squad is getting
company workers active outside of the office.

“We’ve only played three teams so
far so I can’t really say if we are or aren’t looking forward to playing teams.
Our team treats the league as an office social event with some friends and
family coming on board. Even though we’ve only played a couple of games we’re
having great fun out there.

“I play for that reason and also to
show my sons that I really am fitter than they think I am. They get a good
laugh at seeing their parents playing considering both of them have played
baseball here since they were five and I can no longer catch the fast balls
they throw to me.

“Ultimately the team
sponsor DMTC (a company operating in the financial services sector) is our
workplace. It’s great and the principals Gary Linford, John Lewis and Winston
Connolly are all players on the team (even though we have yet to see John on
the field). We are especially appreciative of the cooler full of goodies that
arrives at each game!”

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