Do something memorial repaired

The marble statue at the George
Town Hospital constructed to commemorate the Do Something campaign that was celebrated
in the Cayman Islands earlier this year and was later vandalized, has been

Artist Leulan Bodden, who, along
with the help of Elite Marble and Granite and Marvin Hurlston from George Town
Crafts contributed their time and resources to see the statue erected
initially, last week replaced a section depicting a slogan on the structure.

Mr. Bodden said the piece that had
to be fixed was apparently kicked or pulled off.  The new piece, he said, was made from
stronger material and the monument would now be even more awe-inspiring.

“This stone is quite strong, and
the signage that was ripped off was made of acrylic-like material or plastic,
so we are actually in better shape now,” said Mr. Bodden.

Both companies that lent a helping
hand to the project in the beginning also chipped in to make the upgrade a
reality, with Elite Marble and Granite providing material and labour, and Mr.
Hurlston once again provided the engraving.

A ceremony to commemorate the Do
Something campaign that swept through the Cayman Islands was attended by several
government officials on 13 May.

At the time, Governor Duncan Taylor
noted, “A positive energy has been brought to the Cayman Islands with this
effort and any negative realities the Islands have experienced are only a
symptom of a greater problem that had to be addressed…one of community.

About $15,000 to $20,000 worth of
labour and material were donated by Elite Marble and Granite to build the
commemorative statue.

In addition to the marble
sculpture, which depicts a family of three, a healing garden was also created
by volunteers as a result of Do Something. A mural for the area was provided by
Artist Gordon Solomon.

“Luckily, now the statue will be
stronger than before and any future attack would have to be more deliberate in
order to do real damage,” said Mr. Bodden, who added that he longed for a time
when spitefulness and mischief no longer tempted individuals in Cayman.


Leulan Bodden repairs the Do Somehting memorial that was damaged by vandals this summer.