Guilty verdicts in murder trial

Appeals next step

By unanimous verdicts, a
jury of eight women and four men found Patrick Elbert McField, Osbourne Wilfred
Douglas and Brandon Mikkyle Leslie Ebanks guilty of murdering Omar Barton
Samuels in the early hours of 5 July 2009.

With the verdicts
returned shortly before 4pm on Thursday, Solicitor General Cheryll Richards
suggested a brief recess before sentencing because of loud sobbing from the
gallery. Approximately 22 civilians were present along with 15 prison and police

When court resumed,
Justice Charles Quin told the men there is only one sentence for murder in the
Cayman Islands – imprisonment for life. He
therefore sentenced each man to life imprisonment and court

McField, 23, was
represented by Trevor Burke QC, who told the Caymanian Compass, “We will be

Douglas, also 23, was
represented by Alistair Malcolm QC who confirmed, “We intend to

Leslie Ebanks, 24, was
represented by Nicholas Rhodes QC, who
issued a statement the next morning, confirming that the conviction
will be appealed to the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal.

We will be submitting our formal notice of our application for leave to
appeal to the Clerk and the Registrar in due course,” he said through Attorney
Nicholas Dixey, who instructed him for the trial.

Mr. Samuels, 28, was shot
in his left leg and the bullet penetrated his femoral artery, which led to death
from loss of blood. The incident occurred in the McField Lane area of
George Town on
the Saturday night of the Constitution Day holiday


  1. Editor’s note: Given that there is likely to be an appeal of this matter, we have continued to withhold comments on the on-going matter as per previous requests from the Chief Justice.

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