Renewed Town Hall is ready

Town Hall in George Town,
which was used as a storage room after Hurricane Ivan, has now been cleared out
and is just about ready for full use.

and Survey Facilities Manager Richard Sanfilippo said some elements in the
building have been upgraded in preparation for the building’s opening,
including the air conditioning and fire detection systems.

said it is hoped that the bathrooms will be fully refurbished before the
building opens, though the restrooms would be functional for the public meeting
scheduled by Premier McKeeva Bush on Wednesday. However, he said, the bathrooms
are at a stage that is restricted to “occasional, specific use.”

Town Hall, he said, is “a great building in central George Town, and we would
like to use it more.” Mr. Sanfilippo added that though there was “not a line in
the budget for restoration of the Town Hall, the thinking is that we can make
some savings in terms of maintenance for all the other civic centres and put
that into the work on the Town Hall”.

facilities manager said he thought it might be feasible to have the Town Hall
fully functional in the second half of the fiscal year.

now, it’s more for the people that fit the Town Hall, instead of the Town Hall
fitting everyone, and that’s what we are working to change so it has the same
utility as all the other civic centres. It is expected that the regular
scheduled public events and official functions that are part of the life of the
Town Hall will be able to resume in the near future,” he said,

Town Hall building has been used for a number of purposes throughout the years,
including the Legislative Assembly and
Traffic Court.

Built as
a peace memorial in 1926, the Colonial Reports from that year reads: “The only
happening of circumstance happening in the year was the formal opening on
Armistice Day of the Dependency’s Peace Memorial, which has taken the form of a
new Court House, Assembly Room, and Town Hall, erected at George Town at the
cost of two
thousand pounds.”


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