Letters to the Editor: Get out of the box

We are boxed up and trapped by our
own minds. We need to get out of that box that is trapping us and just go for
it. If you want to do something different ask yourself what is stopping you.

Is it money or time that is
stopping you? Why haven’t you gone dancing in a long time or gone to the gym or
taken that vacation? Ask yourself why and get rid of all the reasons why not
and just make it happen. 

If you want to dance, then get up
and dance or go out dancing. If you want to write, then write, a book, an
article, a joke, anything, just write; pick up a piece of paper or sit at that
computer and write. If you want to sing, then sing, to the top of your lungs in
the shower, in your car. 

And if you can actually sing, join
a group or the choir and sing. I sing in my car because in my other life I know
that I was a great jazz singer and when I am in my car, in the middle of
traffic she comes out and the road becomes my smoky, dark speak easy and the
traffic is transformed into my audience and I sing, even if it looks crazy to
the rest of the world, it feels good to me and the traffic no longer exists,
just the guy sitting at the corner of the dark lounge taking in all of the
sweet melodic tunes coming from my mouth. 

We find time for everyone else’s
dreams so why not find time for our dreams. Do not let the lack of money stop
you. If you don’t have the money but want it bad enough then where there is a
will, there is a way. Money is the easiest part if you really put your mind to
it. Money is out there to be made and to be spent. Think about all the ways we
waste money and you will see what I mean.

Those of us saving for a rainy day
should remember that tomorrow is not promised to anyone and today may just be
all we have. Sing, dance, travel, read, laugh, etc, etc, and just have

Challenge yourself to do something
you want to do.  Start with a list of all
the things you have always wanted to do things you have put away since you were
a younger person and then get out of the box that is trapping you and go for it
and make it happen. 

And tell me, how your week is going
at [email protected] or check out my website at www.somebodysmama.com

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