The refresh and renew facial

A facial is a
relaxing treat that will leave you relaxed and your skin in better condition
but it’s other purpose is the chance to get a professional skin therapist to check out your skin,
discuss any problem areas and recommend the type of products you should be

the moment the DaVinci Centre is offering a signature facial using Chyrysalis
products which includes an irresistible foot and hand massage along with the
facial. Having learnt all about the Chyrysalis products from Tammy Sypniewski,
who formulates them for the DaVinci Centre, I was interested in experiencing
them. The Chyrysalis range was created by DaVinci and the range contains the
top clinically proven anti ageing ingredients on the market and in optimal

Fink is my skin therapist and first of all she has a good look at my skin and
we discuss what suits it and what doesn’t and if there are particular areas
that we should concentrate on. I also fill in a detailed questionnaire about
skin care regime and a medical history. I am always a bit embarrassed talking
to a skin therapist as my skin care regime is fairly haphazard and I jump about
from one product to the next depending on the wonders it promises.

talking to her and the questionnaire Lindsay determines the products that she
will use for my particular skin which is very fine and can be sensitive.
Lindsay reckons that I will be pleased with using Chyrysalis, she has worked
with many different products but is very excited about the Chyrysalis range and
thinks that they make a DaVinci facial really special. “The products all have
different properties depending on your skin type and active ingredients that
tone and soften lines.”

also says that, “as well as making you look better I want people to feel
totally relaxed and enjoy the experience.”

facial begins with cleansing using AHA green tea cleanser which contains the
anti oxidant green tea, glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy which both have
exfoliating properties. She follows this up with flawless microdermabrasion, a
resurfacing cream that takes away dead skin. This feels really good, I find
some exfoliants can be gritty and drying whereas this has a smoother quality
and leaves my skin feeling really soft.

then turns on the steamer which wafts gently around my face to open the pores.
She asks if I want any extractions done, which means getting rid of any
pimples, milia or blackheads but after looking closely she says there is not
really anything she needs to do.

we go along Lindsay explains what the products are and some of their
properties. Lindsay is particularly impressed by the Chrysalis oxygen boosting
mask which she says is giving great results. The mask apparently increases the
skins absorption of oxygen.

feels beautiful going on silky smooth with out any of that cloyingness that I
associate with a lot of skin masks.

here comes the best part – for the 15 minutes that the mask is on, Lindsay
gives you a hand and foot massage.

towels are wrapped around my hands and feet as she does each one in turn. The
hand massage is nice but the foot massage in just wonderful almost sending me
to sleep. It also means that your hands and feet are getting their own share of
all these great anti ageing creams and emerge almost looking as good as my

She finishes by wrapping my
hands and feet in warm towels and I am left for a few minutes to relax and let
my skin imbibe all these antioxidants. The mask is not one that hardens and
when Lindsay removes it with warm, wet pads my skin feels incredibly smooth.

drops serum are massaged in to moisturise. This serum is particularly good for
skin that has just been exfoliated and contains ingredients that are naturally
found in the skin lipid barrier so it is similar to the skins own moisture. The
serum just glides on. Lindsay says you can also add a few drops to your hair to
keep it smooth. She follows this with Flawless sun block and I am ready to face
the world.

whole facial has taken an hour and as Lindsay promised it has been an
incredibly relaxing and pampering experience. Reluctantly I haul myself off the
couch and have a look in the mirror. My skin feels great but it also looks good
with a nice glow to it. A friend who I have not seen for a couple of weeks
comments to me three days later on how good my skin is looking. So result!



The Chrysalis range was conceived and is owned by
the DaVinci Centre and not by Tammy Sypniewski,as we stated in our previous
article on the products. Tammy formulates the Chyrysalis range which is unique
to DaVinci.

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