Bowerman revving to reach his limits

Motorsports gets into gear this
weekend thanks to a monthly autocross meet. At the same time it gives a
newcomer to the scene a chance to become a household name.

David Bowerman will be one of the
dozen racers taking part in a Time Attack race on Saturday 25 September at 7pm.
Valvoline/Parkers will sponsor the meet, put on by the Cayman Motorsports Association,
being held as usual at the Progressive Loop off Sparky Drive in George Town.
Bowerman, 31, will be the behind the wheel of his 2001 wine-red Subaru Impreza
WRX sports sedan and compete in the All Wheel Drive division.

The South Sound native is in his
first season and Saturday’s meet marks just his third race. Yet the rookie is a
legitimate contender in his division as he came second to Erol Babyigit and his
black 1995 Mitsubishi Evolution III last month.

Bowerman states he is not worried
about winning. Instead he is focusing on his skills and his vehicle.

“This is my first season and I’m
just testing the waters,” Bowerman said. “I’m still getting used to it all and
I’m not concerned about the competition. It’s about having a lot of fun to me.
I enjoy testing the limits of the car and seeing my reactions as a driver. Both
are equally enjoyable for me.

“I’m just not out to win yet. I
will start out slow as I’ve got a steep learning curve. We’ll see what happens
on Saturday. It’s only my third time out so I’ll work hard and see what results
I’ll get.”

Interestingly Bowerman’s Impreza is
just as unassuming as its driver. The car has all of the factory pieces in
place save for a set of 17in rims wrapped by Toyo tires from Automotive Art.
Bowerman states there are plans to modify the car and the parts may play a
factor soon.

“Aside from the wheels and tires
the rest of the car is stock. I’m putting on an exhaust and a couple of small
things shortly. Maybe I’ll get them on for Saturday but certainly by next month
they’ll be on the car.”

In addition to Babyigit and his
Evo, the AWD class offers a number of interesting competitors for Bowerman.
There is Nikko Miller in his black Evo III, long-time racer Chuck Thompson in
his blue Subaru Impreza WRX Sti and Michael Weatherford behind the wheel of the
Ace Paint Subaru Impreza WRX. Of the group Bowerman feels Thompson and Babyigit
are the ones to watch.

“Chuck will come out strong and
it’s great that he’s a relative newcomer to Time Attack like me. Erol has been
out a couple times and he’ll push his car to the limit like he always does.”

Bowerman and the AWD class will be
one of the story-lines for Saturday’s race. There is a tight battle in the Two
Wheel Drive segment between West Bayers Ajoni Ambersley in his Nissan Primera
and Ebanks brothers Josen and Jerad in their Toyota Starlet. The unlimited
competition is a toss-up between motorsports association President Bobby Hulse
in his flat black Toyota Altezza and motorsports Vice President Ian Tibbetts in
his white Chevy Corvette. Moreover the hunt for the overall championship is
still wide-open as last year’s champion Keith Tibbetts III in the Valvoline
Subaru Impreza Sti has drivers from all of the classes within striking

Ultimately Bowerman states he
appreciates the performances of the veteran racers and will stick to perfecting
his skills.

“Keith, Bobby, Ian and Andy Bodden
are some of the veterans that stand out to me. All of those guys love to throw
their cars into the corners. You’d have to ride with them to pick up their tips
and tricks. But to do that I think I may get car sick and throw up and I don’t
want to be sick. I just want to understand my car better and learn my limits.”

Mandatory registration for
Saturday’s race happens on Friday 24 September at 7pm at Parkers. For more information
call 916-5137 or e-mail [email protected].

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