Can you capture the Governor?

The Landing Scenario for Pirates
Week on Saturday, 13 November at 3pm will be, for the first time ever, staged
to music and choreographed by Linda Rayner. The governor arrives by boat to
inspect his troops on the South Terminal. A 30-foot-high two-headed Gorgon
adorns the little island in Hog Sty Bay and her followers, the seductive sea
sirens, also make a grand entrance by boat to join the governor. Their role is
to entice, by their beauty and dance, the dreaded pirates and their ships into
Hog Sty Bay.

When the pirates arrive, the Gorgon
will destroy their ships by fire and sea spouts will drown most of them. Any
survivors will be turned into zombies by a kiss from the sirens, and the
governor will win at long last. But will all go as he plans?


Volunteers wishing to take part in the scenario should contact the
Pirates Week office on 949-5078 or [email protected] – afore ye walk the plank.