Net gains stretch to districts

Local netball is looking to
Cayman’s districts to create a stronger netball following.

At a recent retreat, the Cayman
Islands Netball Association saw the need for an increase in playing
opportunities for young people to ensure that the game grew. The result is the
formation of a Youth Development Committee that has decided to organize an
Under-17 Inter-District Netball competition.

The aim of the district tournament
is to broaden the base of players in the Under-17 age group. The netball
association hopes that it will be a feeder system for the U-16, U-21 and
ultimately the adult national team. In addition the tournament will also allow
for greater participation of players throughout the districts; players who may
not usually participate. 

The Youth Committee is seeking the
help of the various district committees to assist with the format of the
tournament. The district competition will be played in two rounds if necessary,
depending on whether a district has more than one team registered. That
particular district would then do a play-off to find a winning team or select
an all-district team. In the second round all district teams will play each
other to see who will be the top side in their age group.

Netball association press officer
Orvin Palacio states that there is added focus on getting the central districts

“The districts of George Town and
Bodden Town, who do not have established community sports committees like West
Bay, East End and now North Side will need some assistance in getting a team or
teams organised for the tournament,” Palacio said. “We are appealing to any
persons in those districts to assist.”

Another proposal for the 2010-2011
season aimed at grooming young talent and assisting current clubs to build is
the introduction of U-14 and U-17 club leagues. By creating these two leagues
the hope is that once the high school netball league finishes in
December/January the players from the various school teams will then take the
opportunity to join current netball association clubs who will be encouraged to
enter teams in one or both youth competitions.

The netball association hopes to
create a new club culture where games would be played from the Under-14 age
group up to division one on a Saturday at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex.
However sponsorship and volunteers will be needed for these various

In particular volunteers will asked
to assist by being coaches, umpires, time keepers and scorers among other tasks
for these initiatives to be a success.

Potential sponsors can contact
Lucille Seymour at 916-4842. Anyone who would like to volunteer to help with
the George Town and Bodden Town districts should call Orvin Palacio at 925-2957
or Lyneth Monteith at 925-4337.