When No One’s Looking seeks funds

Local movie makers who are trying
to complete a film that highlights HIV and teen pregnancy in Cayman are
appealing to the public and to investors to help fund the project.

The film, titled When No One’s
Looking, is backed by the Cayman AIDS Foundation, and tells the story of a high
society teenager named Vanessa who becomes pregnant and infected with HIV after
having an affair with an older man.

The movie’s director, Judy Singh,
speaking at a project proposal presentation at the Harquail Theatre last week,
said one of the aims of the movie is to try to prevent young people from making
ill-informed decisions about sexual health.

The team behind the movie are trying
to raise $150,000.

An audience of potential investors
and supporters that included Governor Duncan Taylor and his wife Marie-Beatrice
watched a trailer from the movie, which was made with no budget, said Ms Singh.

The film makers hope the movie will
educate young people about sexual health and help remove the stigma attached to
HIV and AIDS that still exists locally.

Margaret Michaud, programme
coordinator for the Cayman AIDS Foundation and an executive producer on the
film, said the foundation is giving its full backing to the film and that
donations to the organisation would go towards getting the film made because it
is an ideal way of reaching Cayman’s young population.


High incidence of HIV/AIDS

The Caribbean region has the second
highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS, after sub-Saharan Africa. Cayman has had 95 reported
cases of the disease.

Ms Michaud cited studies that show
that 82 per cent of all new infections are due to unprotected sex.

“Anyone who is under 30 has had to
deal with HIV all their lives,” she said, referring to the fact that the first
cases of AIDS and HIV were reported in the early 1980s. 

“Theirs are voices we need to
hear,” she added.

She also referred to a survey in
which teenagers were asked how they had learned about HIV. Rather than
responding that they heard about it from friends or family members, most said
they found out about the disease from television, the internet and the media.

Ms Michaud said that is why the
foundation supports the making of When No One’s Watching.

“The Cayman AIDS Foundation mission
statement is to raise awareness and educate the community about this deadly disease.
Regardless of cultural and political overtones, HIV spreads because it is an
infectious, killing disease.  … CAF
works to educate our community on how HIV/AIDS is spread and how to prevent it.

“This is exactly what the cast of
the movie is doing – reaching out to our youth to educate, teach and prevent
the spread of HIV/AIDS.”

The film stars Rita Estevanovich as
Vanessa, Bertina Macaulay, Olivia Scott Ramirez, Michael McLaughlin, Fritz
McPherson, Luigi Moxam, Brian Braggs, Rochelle Dilbert and Neil Hamaty.


For more information, call Ms
Harrison on 325-6658, the Cayman AIDS Foundation on 924-7877, or email [email protected]
The project also has a website on which the trailer can be viewed: www.wnolcayman1.com


The cast and crew of When No One’s Look-ing with Governor Duncan Taylor, second from right, and Cayman AIDS Foundation’s Margaret Michaud, third from right, at a proposal presentation on 23 September.
Photo: Norma Connolly

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