Taliban continues to attack

The Taliban has claimed its
militants set fire to a convoy of oil tankers that were en route to NATO troops
in Afghanistan – the third such attack in as many days.

Three people were killed and at
least 20 vehicles were destroyed when terrorists ambushed the convoy near
Islamabad in Pakistan.

In the latest incident, the trucks
were on their way to a border crossing at Torkham along the Khyber Pass.

The route is used to bring fuel,
military vehicles, spare parts and other supplies for troops in Afghanistan.

However, the checkpoint has been
closed temporarily by Islamabad in protest over a NATO helicopter strike that
killed three Pakistani troops last week.

On Friday, a day after the closure
of the Khyber Pass route, there were two attacks on oil tankers heading to
Afghanistan, one of which was claimed by the Pakistani Taliban.

The terror group has warned it
would launch further attacks on the supply route.

This latest incident is likely to
further strain relations between Pakistan and the US, which has consistently
called on Islamabad to do more to root out terrorists within its borders.

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