Facebook privacy enhanced

Facebook has rolled out several new
ways to help people manage their personal information.

The largest initiative, written
from the ground-up, is to allow users to keep some data private or limited to a
small subset of your friends. “A lot of people talk about this as a privacy
problem,” said Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “I think it’s
an annoying problem.” The product is called Groups. With the goal in mind
of sharing information with smaller, organic clusters of people, each
“group” includes three parts: a shared space, group chat and e-mail

The gist is that it’s not purely
“algorithmic” — that is to say, there’s no computer telling you who
is in which groups. But it’s not wholly your responsibility to create those
groups, either. The groups is an improvement on the previous “friend
list” feature, which apparently only 5 per cent or so actually use. The
point is to create a group, and invite people who would then, responsibly,
invite others who fit the group’s context (“family,” “softball
team,” etc.).

The company rolled out a few other
nice tools for handing personal info. “Download Your Information”
allows a person to collect everything they’ve uploaded to Facebook in one
simple Zip file. When you open it on your computer, it pops open your web
browser so you can easily skim all the contents. The feature will be protected
by multiple safeguards, including an extra log-in, and a visual authenticity

“Applications You Use” is
a page that shows you not only what permissions you’ve granted apps, but what
information they’re actually using. Each app you’ve used is listed, and you can
click on them to get a log of the private information they’ve accessed over

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