Editorial for October 13: Take part in the Cayman census

We’re hearing a lot of grumbling on
the radio talk shows about the Cayman Islands Census.

Where, we wonder, are these
complaints coming from?

Censuses of populations have been
taken for centuries. Had it not been for the census, Mary and Joseph would
never have travelled to Bethlehem with their donkey to be counted.

Taking part in the Cayman Islands
Census is harmful, doesn’t take much of your time and it’s good for the country
and its future.

The information is needed so we can
proceed with good, forward planning for our country’s future.

Worried about confidentiality?

Don’t be.

Census enumerators have undergone
strategic and sensitivity training to prepare them for the census work, which
began in earnest on Sunday.

We’re already hearing reports from
citizens who have participated in the census and they have all said the
experience was pleasant, taking only a few minutes out of their hectic day.

Our plea to those who have not yet
been contacted by a census worker is to be polite when they do come rapping at
your door. They’ll be clad in blue or yellow Census 2010 T-shirts and be
equipped with a Census identification card.

If you’re unsure about who’s at the
door, ask for identification. It’s your right.

And remember, taking part in the
census is the right thing to do.

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