Bodden Corporate Services fills gaps

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Bodden Corporate Services Ltd. (BCSL) has grown into a well-known corporate services provider since opening its doors in 1999. The company caters to both the local community and offshore clients and provides prompt and efficient service at competitive pricing.

“We are confident that there is a need in our community for the provision of these services at reasonable rates,” said Rob Imparato, BCSL Managing Director.

The company acts as an incorporations agent and registered office for ordinary resident, non-resident and exempted companies. BCSL provides an array of corporate services such as preparing the company’s corporate records, registering and filing all required materials with the Registrar of Companies and applying for and obtaining tax exemption guarantees, trade and business licences and local companies control licences as needed.

According to Imparato, BCSL’s objective is “to fill the niche between the large firms and companies that focus more on major offshore business and the purely local firms that provide only limited services of a local nature.”

Other BSCL corporate services include annual company maintenance, nominee director and shareholder services, annual representation for foreign companies, bank account support services and notary services.

BCSL also specialises in a vast selection of immigration services, including work permit grants and renewals, key employee designations, permanent residencies, Caymanian status applications and business staffing plans, and works very closely with the law firm of Bodden & Bodden in meeting its clients’ needs.

In addition, BCSL offers a broad range of compliance services through its subsidiary, Bodden Compliance & Training Ltd. (BCT). Formerly Bodden Compliance Services Ltd., BCT is a leading provider of on-site compliance and training, fraud and financial crime prevention and internal AML auditing and assessment for companies across the financial services industry.

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