Crown will appeal Domino’s robbery sentences

Crown Counsel Elisabeth
Lees gave immediate notice of appeal on Friday after three teenagers were given
partially suspended sentences and a fourth was placed on probation for the June
robbery of Domino’s Pizza in Savannah.

Anastasia Anasia
Watson, Julissa Monique Avila and Addie Shanice Haylock, who have all turned 18
since their offence, received sentences of two years imprisonment, with 18
months of that term suspended. The judge said he did not contemplate deduction
of the three months they have been in custody already; they would serve six
months. They will not be required to serve the remaining 18 months unless they
commit another offence during the two-year period.

Rendie McLaughlin will not turn 18 until December and so, as Attorney John
Furniss pointed out, he was not eligible for the partially suspended sentence.
Justice Smith placed him on probation for two years, with conditions including a
10pm curfew, random drug testing and a return to

defendant was ordered to pay $90 in compensation.

Smith said the mitigating factors were the defendants’ contrition, early guilty
plea and cooperation. The aggravating factors were being armed with machetes and
using threatening words.

The robbery
occurred shortly after 1pm on Friday, 3 June, when the three females entered the
outlet and McLaughlin remained outside to drive the getaway car. The two
Domino’s employees were put in fear but were not physically


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