First Financial Insurance Brokers

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First Financial Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a locally-owned and operated insurance brokerage firm. The firm has over a decade of experience in helping individuals and corporations solve a diverse range of insurance and risk management needs; from group and individual health through motor to homeownership and commercial property matters.

In its early years, as Cayman’s employers and employees tried coming to grips with newly-passed health insurance law, First Financial Insurance Brokers placed great emphasis on designing plans to meet the needs of the vibrant economy. Through its commitment to creating the best plans at the best prices, the firm came to be recognised as the first stop for individuals and group administrators shopping for comprehensive yet affordable health insurance.

First Financial Insurance Brokers offers more than just health insurance. The firm’s skilled and enthusiastic brokers will arrange and manage insurance for a single car to a fleet of vehicles, for the building a dream home or your high-rise office and even for potential legal liabilities for business owners in these uncertain times.

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