Fittingly, Amber claims beer battle

Competition over a cold beer has
not been this hot since the great beer shortage of 1434.

Eight draught masters qualified for
the local finals of the Stella Artois Draught Master competition at Calico
Jack’s on 2 October. Their task: Pour two pints following the nine-step ritual
prescribed by Stella and do so as quickly as possible.

The judges were looking for all
nine steps to be completed with flair and accuracy but most of all, with speed.

At stake was an all-expenses-paid
trip to London to compete in the international finals, with the winner crowned
as Stella’s representative to travel the world and demonstrate how a Stella
should be properly poured.

In a number of closely contested
heats, the eight qualifiers were whittled down to four, and then four to two,
with a pour-off between Zoltan Gorocs of the Marriott and Amber Harrison-Jones
of the Dog House.

It was ladies first as
Harrison-Jones took to the tap. In a flawless display, she poured and presented
the two pints in 1:08, setting the bar very high indeed, to loud cheering from
the appreciative crowd.

Gorocs seemed up to the challenge
as he blitzed through the initial steps of the ritual. However, disaster struck
at step six, the beheading, as Gorocs knocked over one of the pints amid gasps
of anguish from a distraught crowd more than ready to cry over spilled beer. In
so doing, Gorocs served up the win to Harrison-Jones on a silver platter.

Harrison-Jones will represent
Cayman at the Stella Artois World Draught Master competition in London on 28

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