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Web development is more than just delivering a website. It encompasses all aspects of online marketing and should integrate into the overall branding of a business.

“We are a complete online marketing and branding company that provides all the services a start-up would need from business cards, flyers, signs and brochures to the website,” says Jay Mehta, the head of marketing at Netclues.

The firm’s web development and online marketing approach benefits customers, because it is tailored according to the needs of each individual business and its target market, he says. Netclues does not use templates or ready-made websites but follows a structured process that identifies all the elements that are needed by a customer. These are then combined into one effective, customised and unique solution.

In addition all websites by Netclues are completely search engine friendly and optimised so that a business can benefit from day one from maximum exposure on Google and other search engines.
Social network site are another highly effective and targeted tool that has become part of Netclues’ web development solutions.  “We have updated all our web systems to support social networking, because we know how important this is for any business today,” Mehta says. “As a result any news, updates or specials that you post on your website are automatically posted onto Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites.”

The success of a website depends on all these elements and the quality of the technology and online marketing service, Mehta says, but also on the content.  
“Content is king. The more content you have, the more traffic drive to the website.”

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