Professional & Personal Service makes the difference in your security

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Home invasions, armed robberies and the ever increasing threat of break-ins to residential properties; now is most certainly the time to seriously consider the installation of an electronic security system.

There are a number of factors to consider in coming to the right decision.

Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd (IEL) is confident that once you have taken the time to review what they have to offer, you will without hesitation choose them every time.

Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd is by far the smart choice for all your security needs in the Cayman Islands.

IEL has been trading for over 25 years, and during this time they have gained a reputation as a professional company who put customer service and integrity first in everything they do.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the many ways in which they differentiate themselves from the competition.

Differentiation is not in the product.  Most security products are of a similar design and differ only in the name of the manufacturer.  The real differentiation is in the way IEL provides end-to-end service to all their customers.  They take your security system from initial conception to realization, whilst offering elements of service that their competition cannot match.

Once installed, IEL monitors your security system at our state of the art CSAA Five Diamond Central Station Alarm Receiving Center, which, unlike the competition, is based here on island.

It is from here that IEL receives your alarm activation, verifies the nature of the alarm, dispatches their highly trained response team and liaises with 911 to ensure a police response is initiated.

This process is managed by IEL’s highly trained staff, all of whom are Level 1 and 2 Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association.  The CSAA Five Diamond Central Station Certification has been the gold standard for monitoring centers, assuring a high level of training and monitoring personnel within the monitoring center, as well as following best practices within the alarm industry to ensure false alarm reduction and operational capability.

Once on site, IEL’s Alarm Response Team will check the premises and report any signs of forced entry as well as detaining any suspicious individuals found at the scene.  Once the emergency is over, they will assist in the re-arming of the security system, ensuring that IEL’s customers are protected at all times.

Their Alarm Receiving Center has everything you would expect in a first class security company.  They have stand-by generators to provide power in the event of a power outage, multiple servers to ensure full redundancy in the case of a lighting strike, Motorola radio communication with all our staff, and perhaps the most important of all, IEL’s own island wide wireless communication network through which they monitor their customer’s security systems.  IEL is not reliant on the telephone network provided by Lime or Digicel, be it land line or cell phone GSM.  In the event of a telephone outage, IEL is still monitoring and protecting their customers.  No wonder they have been awarded the highly respected ‘5 Diamond’ Accreditation through the Central Station Alarm Association

Through their Alarm Management Software, they are able to monitor all types of technology and provide all their customers with automated reports on the status of their security system.

Details of alarm activations can be forwarded to smart devices such as Blackberry’s, iPhones and tablet devices, whether their customers are on island or away on vacation or business.  IEL prides itself in their ability to communicate with their customers and vindicate the trust that the customers have in IEL’s ability to serve and protect them.

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