Tuna catch nearly breaks record

Despite the heavy rainfall the past
few days, three local fishermen caught a break in the weather and nearly nabbed
a new maritime record.

On Wednesday, the crew nabbed a
173.4-pound yellowfin tuna. The catch, by boat captain Eric Rivers, crew member
Charles Ebanks and angler Nicholas Jones, was just 16 pounds off the Cayman
record for heaviest tuna. That mark stands at 189.4 pounds, snared by Rick
Recor in 1989.

The crew were out fishing off the
coast of West Bay when they made the catch. The fish was found some 11 miles
north of Northwest Point in a spot that was spotted by birds circling above the
water. Mr. Jones fought the fish for approximately 45 minutes standing up, and
he needed a harness halfway through the fight to reel in the large tuna.

After bringing the tuna to the
Grand Harbour dock, the crew were greeted by some 100 curious onlookers. News
of the catch spread quickly, and shortly after weigh-in, the fish was bought by
a representative of the Brasserie restaurant. Reportedly the fish fetched $7
per pound, which equates to about a $692 payday for the crew.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Rivers both took
vacation days from work to fish, and Mr. Rivers said he had been waiting for a
long time to go out to fish.

“I’ve been on a month’s vacation
since last Wednesday,” Mr. Rivers said. “I’ve been waiting a week to go out, it
was just a matter of seeing if the weather got better. We finally went out and
this is what happens. Imagine this is only the third time I’ve taken the boat
out. I bought it last year from the States and I had been fixing it up until


Rivers, Jones and Ebanks with their massive tuna.
Photo: Matthew Yates


  1. It is actually a new line class record for 130lb test line. The fish that Rick Recor caught in 1989 was caught on 80lb test fishing line.

    Put 3 South Sound Crabs in a boat and anything can happen! We bad!

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