Letters to the Editor: Use more Caymanian consultants

Have you ever taken time out and looked at our government
and the amount of money it wastes on these advisers and consultants that are
not Caymanians and the large sums of money the Cayman Government pays these
people to give them advice on what they think is best for my country and all
the people that are in it?

Well, since this advice affects all of us, don’t you think
that we should have more advisers and consultants from right here in Cayman?
After all, we know what we really need and also where we need to go as a
people. A lot of that money is wasted, paying these people probably runs into
the millions.

That money could be paid to Caymanians and kept right
here. We may not be able to provide all the advisers we need or consultants,
but the best advice that we need is from us, the Caymanian people to our

This one-man show of a government that seems to head this
country in the wrong direction with no proper plan. Do you think China is the
answer for us?

Next we will have a new invasion of Chinese status
holders. I never thought I would see this country in such a mess. When you have
leadership taking advice from people that are only giving advice for money,
they really don’t care much for my people. They only care about getting paid.
They wire the money out of Cayman.

We need to have more say and more input with our
government in the area of consultants and advisers. If you really look at it,
you will see it very clearly. If we have bad leadership getting bad advice, all
of us will suffer and our Island will sink deeper into poverty. Caymanians, we
came up out of thatch houses to million-dollar houses and estates, but we still
have a lot of poverty with us. Why? Because we have not really tried to get rid
of it.

The real reason our country still has poverty is because
government after government has forgotten our people and the leaders forgot
where we came from and most of all our culture.

We need our people to really come first on this Island and
for them to be respected.

And to all non-Caymanians, please stop your slurs and
disrespect for the natives of this Island. Remember, we are sharing with you
and your family and you are sharing with us. The Caymanian people are known to
be the friends of the people worldwide. We don’t need to learn how to hate. We
all sleep on Grand Cayman and pray to the same Jesus. We have enough strife
worldwide, we do not need it here. On behalf of all my people I do ask the
supermarkets to downgrade a lot of their prices and CUC and the water company
to stop all increases and give us all a break.

They all need to know that a lot of people are hurting in
these times and a lot of these companies have made billions so they can afford
to give us all a break.

Now I once again urge my Caymanian people to let our
leaders know what we really want here in Cayman; not what they want for us, but
what we want them to do to help us move our country forward and out of poverty
and stress. Remember, they are our servants and when the servants do not want
to do or listen to the masters, we get rid of the servants and put in their
place servants that are very smart listeners and good doers for the masters.

Now let me ask, where is the rainy day money that any good
government has put in place for its people? A government that does not save
money for its people for times like this is not good for our people. All of
them should have put in place such a plan. Maybe if they had the proper
Caymanian advisers to help teach and show them about such things, they would
have some money now for a rainy day. If you do not save for your family, how
can you go on vacation? But if you put money away for the vacation, you can go
and enjoy yourself.

So we must get involved more with the goings on here on
our Island. I ask the government to help decrease the fees of the trade and
business license sector of our system that will allow more Caymanians to open
small businesses and to roll back the work permit fees in these hard times.
These things will help our country and all its people.

Emile S. Levy

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