Expedition headed to Antarctica

Cayman-based explorer and former
Maples partner Andrew Moon is preparing to leave the sunny climes of Cayman to
launch a group expedition to across the frozen wastes of Antarctica next month.
Those who would like to wish the intrepid explorer a safe journey and a
successful mission in crossing Antarctica via the South Pole (30 October – 20
December) are invited to attend his farewell party Friday, 22 October at the
Cayman Islands Sailing Club.

The gathering, from 5.30-7.30pm, is
open to all, including families with children. As well as a cash bar, the
send-off celebration will offer appetisers and frozen cocktails.

Mr. Moon, who still owns property
on South Sound Road, is co-leader of the 12-man Moon Regan Transatlantic
Expedition, which plans to traverse the continent and amass ground-breaking
scientific and technological data in the process.

The team will attempt the
month-long odyssey with its science partner, one of the world’s leading
academic institutions, Imperial College London. The team will attempt the
3,600-mile crossing using the Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle as its main
means of transportation. The BIV, a bio-fuelled vehicle, was commissioned by
the expedition team and was designed as an ultra-light single-seat scout vehicle
with a Rotax 914 engine and a three-blade variable pitch propeller. The transportation’s
three skis have independent suspension.

The Moon Regan Transantarctic
Expeditions is aimed at completing a crossing of the Antarctic from Union
Glacier to McMurdo via the Geographic South Pole, successfully achieving the
first trip to the pole using a bio-fuelled vehicle. The mission’s scientific
findings will be shared worldwide.


Those interested in wishing Mr.
Moon safe travels can RSVP [email protected] or call 916-1504. For further information
about the Moon Regan Transatlantic Expedition visit wwwtransantarticexpedition.com


Andrew Moon, co-leader of the Moon Regan Transantarctic Expedition, in the driver’s seat of the Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle whcih will be used as a route finder on journey.
Photo: Submitted

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