Sunday Brunch winner

Sunday Brunch is a lovely relaxed tradition on Cayman and if you can also have your children engaged in some useful activity while you are enjoying a leisurely brunch, then it makes for a good start to a Sunday. We at Cayman Free Press like to take care of our readers and offer them not just news, but some nice surprises. We did just that recently when we ran our Sunday brunch competition. The prize was a Sunday brunch for not just two people, but six at the Lighthouse restaurant. For busy parents,the added bonus in our competition was that while they were brunching their children could get a Brunch bunch workshop run by Natasha Wellfare from Montessori Home tutoring. The winner of our competition is Jo Gammage and she was delighted with her prize. “I am very happy to win because it is going to be really nice for myself and my husband to have an adult day out and to also know that the children are going to be having a good time at the workshop.” Ms. Wellfare who started Montessori home tutoring in August, is also looking forward to spending some time with the children.

For those who are not familiar with Montessori methods Ms Wellfare explains that the methods are based on the philosophy of Italian educator, Maria Montessori, whose ideas were ground breaking at the time. “She saw that children aged between three and four learnt through the senses and through touching and being able to physically move materials. One of the Montessori sayings is that that the hand is the pathway to the brain.”

Ms Wellfare uses different materials to teach children depending on the subject matter but what they have in common is that the materials are things a child can touch, pick up and move around with. For parents who want to help their child develop skills in specific areas, as a home tutor she can use the Montessori methods to work with each individual child .“ For instance a parent might say “I want to focus on creativity, or I want to improve their maths and literacy.”” I can then work specifically on these things.” When tutoring, Ms Wellfare will use different materials to engage and teach the child. For instance to teach a young child about fractions she might use different quantities around a room and the child then has to find the different pieces that make up a whole. She says “one child chose the idea of a pizza game so it was about making up and talking away bits of “pizza”. This is another positive aspect of the Montessori method and the one on one approach that it gives the child confidence and encourages them in learning as Ms Wellfare observes, “When a child chooses how to play a game it empowers them and inspires a lifetime love of learning.” She is excited about having as many as six children of different ages in her brunch group. “ It will be little different from just teaching one on one and will take a bit more planning but we certainly will have some fun.”

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