Domino club assists seniors

October has been designated as a
time to honour senior citizens, and various organizations have undertaken
unique charitable acts to highlight the elderly in Cayman’s community.

One of the more interesting
outreach events was a product of the Island All Stars domino club. This month
the sports team performed a clean-up of the Golden Age home property in West
Bay. Members of the club raked the yard, picked up trash and beautified the
premises on a Saturday morning.

The club’s public relations
officer, Dwight Moss, was there helping with the clean-up efforts. A club
member for the last 10 years, Moss said it’s a good feeling assisting the elderly.

“It made me feel great,” Moss said.
“Even though this is something we always do as a club, it gives me a special
feeling knowing I’m helping the seniors and the Cayman Islands as a whole. We
hope to come back after the land at the home is filled so that we can plant
fruit and palm trees.”

Moss is in his second year as the
club’s PR official and can often be seen slamming dominos across Cayman. With a
local league featuring his All Stars team, Moss sees plenty of action at the domino
table. However he says club members like himself will be equally busy with
numerous community projects.

“We’re always trying to give back
something to the community. We pick areas (of the island) that we can do a
community project in. The Golden Age home was our first stop and we have plans
to go to the Pines retirement home and the Family Life Centre in the coming
weeks. In addition, we have clean-ups in mind for areas of George Town.

“As a non-profit organization we
know that it’s good for people to see you giving back. A lot of people support
us, whether by giving money at fundraisers or watching our matches. We’re keen
to let them know that in all we do, whether we go away to play (as we are in
November) or we play here, that we appreciate them.”


Many club members were hands-on with the cleanup.
Photo: Submitted

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