Hedge Funds Care supports Family Resource Services

Hedge Funds Care, the charitable
organisation established by hedge fund industry professionals and focused on
assisting young victims of abuse, is helping to deliver family resource
services to Cayman Brac.

In May the Department of
Counselling Services became one of six grantees who received a donation from
the Committee of Hearts, the Cayman Islands chapter of Hedge Funds Care.

The government agency was awarded
$15,000 to cover additional costs associated with offering its Family Skills
Programme to families in Cayman Brac.

“We are very excited that families
in Cayman Brac will be able to benefit from the services offered by this
programme” said Judith Seymour, director of the Department of Counselling
Services. “Parents will be able to increase their ability to develop healthier
and more nurturing families, by exploring the importance of emotions and
feelings, developing healthy self-esteem within our families and examining
critical issues such as age-appropriate discipline.

“In addition, parents and children
will become more skilled in communication and problem solving and will be able
to identify and action problematic issues in their families more effectively,
leading to the development of families that are safer and more nurturing and
stable,” she explained.

The Department of Counselling
Services provides community based counselling services to residents of Grand
Cayman and the Sister Islands, intensive substance abuse treatment for male and
female adults and also since 2009 a wide range of specialist family support

The Family Skills Programme is an
eight- to ten-week programme, which runs one evening per week for three-hour
sessions, broken into a separate session for parents and children, followed by
a joint session for families to work together to practice the skills they have
learned. Each programme offering caters to approximately six families at any
time. The programme is designed to be a closed group in order to build trust
and support amongst the group members.

The agency’s services are offered
from The Family Resource Centre, which was formed in 2009, following merged
services previously provided by the National Parenting Programme, the Women’s Resource
Centre and the Young Parents Programme. 

The aim of the Family Resource
Centre is to deliver parenting skills programmes, psycho-educational workshops
and presentations, crisis intervention and advocacy to victims of family
violence as well as public awareness campaigns to strengthen families and
individuals and provide the foundation for a healthy society. 

Funding from Hedge Funds Care
enables families in Cayman Brac to benefit from this programme by providing the
necessary revenue to support five programme facilitators in the delivery of the
programme. This includes travel and subsistence costs as well as the funding
required to secure an appropriate venue and course materials.

Ms Seymour said: “We are acutely
aware of the link between family dysfunction or child maltreatment and the
manifestation of unhealthy coping mechanisms in later life. Our clients often
present with maladaptive behaviours such as drug and alcohol abuse, criminal involvement,
as well as a history of violence towards themselves and others. 

“It is our department’s
aim to seek to address and prevent the development of these behaviours through
the provision of relevant programming,” she added.

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