New company connects consumers, businesses

A new company headquartered in
Grand Cayman is working to increase business for local companies by making it
easier and faster for consumers to connect with their services. is a website that provides
users with the means to submit a request for service and product information,
which is instantly transmitted to the specific industry professional capable of
fulfilling the request. The aim is to eliminate exhaustive searches and phone
inquiries, as the website user’s need is directly communicated to targeted businesses.
Website users are neither required to register nor pay any fee for the service.
Locally licensed companies are eligible to receive referrals after registering
their services on the website.

The system is managed by Bill
Schiller, a local resident and veteran of the communications and publishing
industries. He says the website is the by-product of more than a year of
planning and conversations with business owners throughout the Islands.

“This all came about after the
experience a local person had trying to hire help for a particular project,”
said Mr. Schiller.

“After searching through various
directories and making phone call after repeated phone call to merely get an idea
on pricing, worker availability and time frame, this person became frustrated
and convinced that there must be an easier way for consumers to get answers and
connect with professional people.”

In the course of devising a
solution, the team behind solicited feedback from local business
people who often expressed concern about the costs and effectiveness of their respective
advertising strategies.

“Our goal has been to create
something that is not only quick and convenient for consumers looking for help,
but also cost effective for businesses looking to engage and interact with new
customers, in an era when people are increasingly using Internet-based tools to
acquire information and services,” said Mr. Schiller.

While the website is free for
users, businesses can elect to receive referrals over a three month, six month
or annual time frame.

The website is believed to be
especially beneficial for small business that do not have the kind of operating
or advertising budgets of larger companies with which they may be in competition.

“There are many small firms in
Cayman which do quality work, but their ability to get their message out is
limited compared with larger companies with larger budgets. That won’t be an
issue at,” said Mr. Schiller. “We’re levelling the playing field
in that regard because it’s not important for a company to have a big budget.
What’s important is that they are qualified to do the jobs consumers want, and
that they have a license to do this business in the Cayman Islands.”

To support the aims and goals of
professional organisations working for the betterment of business in Cayman,
the team behind is offering special incentives.

When members of such organisations
register, either as an individual or on behalf of a company where they are
employed, the span of time to receive referrals will be extended for free.

The website is comprehensive in
terms of the industries and services that can be accessed; from builders, auto
mechanics and attorneys to painters, plumbers and personnel recruiters, almost
every kind of service provider is represented in

The staff of is not
involved in the communications, negotiations or transactions that occur between
a consumer and registered business. Their role is to facilitate a connection
that matches the consumer’s need with a locally-licensed professional capable
of fulfilling the job.

Plans for the consumer launch are
anticipated in early November.

Mr. Schiller believes
“timing” is essential to the success of this new service. “We live in an era
that people value time. They don’t want to waste time and energy when looking
to hire help, when wanting information or connecting with important services.”


  1. What a great idea! This new website should help residents connect with services and help business owners connect with new customers. I checked out the website and it looks like there’s an opportunity there for almost every kind of business in Cayman, but I think small business owners are going to really appreciate this. Congratulations to the team at for helping business in Cayman. I wish you success.

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