Letters to the Editor: Recycling campaign welcomed

Everyone should welcome the
launching of a campaign entitled Impact Cayman, when electronic stores signed
up to be collection points for the disposal of rechargeable batteries.
Ritz-Carlton developer Mike Ryan must also be congratulated on his willingness
to use his private plan to transport the batteries to collection points in the

It is noted from your report that
so far, Mr. Ryan has transported ‘several hundred pounds’ of batteries out of
Cayman. And, as Mr. Ryan pointed out, ‘That is an awful lot of batteries, but
not nearly enough. I started this project because it is a real concern for all
of us. If batteries are going into the landfill … they could wind up leaching
into the North Sound.’

Yes, indeed, it is essentially a
concern for all of us. In this electronic age, consumers are buying and using
more and more electronic appliances and devices, such as cameras, computers,
toys, flashlights, calculators, watches, hearing aids, power tools, cell
phones, etc. These devices obtain their power source from chargeable and
rechargeable batteries that are made from a variety of known toxic materials
such as lead, acid, mercury, lithium, alkaline and nickel-cadmium.

When batteries are not properly
disposed of and dumped into the landfill, the casings eventually disintegrate
and release the toxic materials into the environment. The result is that the
soil and water become contaminated thereby posing a serious and hazardous
threat to humans and wildlife.

Let us all cooperate and do the
right thing by taking all our used batteries to the designated drop-off points
so that they can be properly disposed of. We will be contributing to a safer
and healthier environment for everyone.

Geoff Daniels

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