Butterfield Bank supports the arts

Art exhibit features Tulsi Bodden

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Lyd, an avid supporter of local arts and culture for over 40 years, has recently reopened its arts space.

Re-named the Hall of Art, this dedicated, public space features the artworks of emerging artists and is located in central George Town, on the second floor of Butterfield’s flagship building, Butterfield Place, Albert Panton Street.

The bank’s first art exhibit since its re-opening, A Serpent’s Tale, features the work of Tulsi Bodden. Curated by artist David Bridgeman, it is open to customers and members of the public during normal banking hours Monday through Friday.

The exhibit features 14 works of the artist in acrylics, mixed media and pen, and runs through to January 2011.

The artist said, “The title of my solo exhibition fits the fact that my family name was Mamba and that I was born in the Year of the Snake. I’ve been described by friends as a bit of a chameleon and all my work currently on show is so different that the pieces look as if they could have been done than more than one artist.

“I’m like a snake shedding its skin… at the moment I’m moving from one phase of my life into another. This year’s been is my coming out party so far as my art goes. As well as showing at The Hall of Art, I participated in the first annual Ogier Art Award in July and was featured in a segment on Cayman 27.”

The curator Mr. Bridgeman added, “This new exhibition showcases Tulsi’s most recent work. The works on display depict both representational and abstract images. Although different genres are shown, what binds the works together is the fact each one appears to tell a story.”

“Narratives in art represent events taking place over time. In Tulsi’s work the events appear compressed into a single image. In the case of the serpent or the forest scene, we get the sense that something is about to happen or has already taken place.”

“The Butterfield Hall of Art is the perfect place for emerging artists to experience their first solo exhibition, as the space provides great exposure for new artists on a daily basis,” he added.

The bank’s deputy managing director, Mike McWatt, said: “Good corporate citizenship and community involvement are part of Butterfield’s culture, and the arts are an integral part of enriching the community in which we live and work.”

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