Gardening for Christmas

The Christmas season is here and with comes a time to entertain, socialize and re-connect with extended family. One of the big areas to address in preparation for that is the garden.

Those who spent most of their time dealing with roots and seeds already have a good idea of what will bloom for Christmas. However they may not have thought about updating their tools or getting a new plant to show off their festive side.

Luckily a number of companies in Cayman are gearing up for the season. One of those is the Green Thumb Home and Garden centre.

From new garden decorations to fresh potted and blooming plants, there is a lot to satisfy the greenest of thumbs. Among the rare and interesting species to see are the begonias, pentas and zinnias in stock. Be sure to check out some gardening items such as vases, hoes and watering cans that are 50 percent off and trees like the bottle palm, Christmas palm and black olive with discounts up to 60 percent depending on the size.

In fact gardening enthusiasts are sure to feel good about their purchases. With discounts in excess of 25 percent for plants like Cassia and Hong Kong orchid in a seven gallon container being a gardener doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact most items in the shop start from $12 and work their way up. Green Thumb’s nursery are located on 168 Eastern Avenue with opening hours of 8am-5pm Monday to Saturday.

Another notable gardening establishment to check out is Vigoro Nursery as they have various plant species to choose from. For the winter months the company is pushing its new crop of impatiens flowers. A standard part in Christmas of Cayman’s past, the flower comes in a variety of bright and cheerful colours that can certainly liven any garden.

Then again Petunias in a one of Vigoro’s unique ceramic pots makes for a great small gift. The store also has a fresh bunch of Christmas Cacti, Bromeliads and ornamental Cacti to compliment what seems like a ton of orchids already on display.

For the more landscaping side of things there is a great selection of shrubs and trees that will be selectively on special every Sunday. There are also many accessories on special including outdoor furniture, decorative pots and chimes. Of course the store has a number of interior decorations and nifty little ornaments to decorate entire trees.

Most of the products can be found at Vigoro’s Lower Valley location on Agricola Drive. With opening hours of 8am-6pm Mondays to Saturdays and 11am-5pm on Sundays there is plenty of time to pop by and treat one’s favourite garden lover this season.

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