DQ Express a cool first

The owners of Dairy Queen in Cayman have just opened a DQ Express stand at the Texaco gas station on Walkers Road.

“It’s the first of its kind in the world,” said Kristen Kuzyk, Dairy Queen’s training supervisor and manager.

This is the second Dairy Queen location on Grand Cayman, the other a shop on Harbour Drive in George Town. Both are owned by Ms Kuzyk’s family.

The DQ Express is a small, stand-alone building specially designed to house all the freezers and serving utensils that go along with a Dairy Queen. It offers five flavours of the popular Blizzard, as well as cones and Dilly Bars, Ms Kuzyk said.

The owners decided to open DQ Express at the Texaco station because it’s a high traffic area.

“The first store on the waterfront opened three years ago, and it has been such a success with not only the tourists, but locals as well,” Ms Kuzyk said. “So we figured putting the DQ Express on Walkers Road Texaco would be a great location with all of the schools, so the students could come for a treat at lunch time and after school, as well as adults dropping by for a quick treat while they fill up their cars with gas or they just don’t want to drive into town to go to the Waterfront Centre location,” she said.

Two people will work the Express stand when school lets out and it’s busy, but only one person is required most of the time. DQ Express will be open seven days: Monday-Friday from 1-9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 2-9pm.

“And we plan on opening two or three more on Cayman, if this one is a success,” she said.


The DQ Express on Walker’s Road is the first of its kind in the world.
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