Letters to the Editor: Caymanian youth in trouble

We are all in a bit of trouble here on Grand Cayman. A lot of people know this, but many are still blind to what is really going on around us; especially some of the people who are running the country.

What will it take for them to wake up and see what many of them are doing to our young people and to so many others here in this country because of their bad leadership. I wrote on 9 November, 2009, a special letter – crime wave telling all on Grand Cayman that if the children that leave school year after year and cannot get a job and cannot go on to other schools to better their education and are left to wander up and down these Islands or are at home with mom and dad, sooner or later these young people will find some other ways of getting money.

Remember, some of these young people are also mothers and fathers themselves. But it seems no one is listening to them at all until it is tool late and many of them find themselves in trouble.

The leaders have been turning a blind eye to these Caymanian young people, pushing them to one side, but not knowing by doing this, they are creating a national problem that may now be out of control.

Recently there was a young Caymanian mother who was so stressed out from trying to find a job she took her plight to the streets of Cayman and the world to show exactly how she felt and what she wanted; not to beg for money but to try and get a job.

It is a crying shame that this is happening to our people here in our own country. I ask, where is the Caymanian protection that government is supposed to have in place to help? Our people should come first in the employment and job market.

All we can see and hear about is blame and quick fixes and the wasting of our money on foolish things like road clean up once a year.

If the Government can come up with ways to employ people like the clean up crews, why do we have so many unemployed young Caymanians year after year?

With all that Government has going on here in Cayman, surely they can employ more Caymanians and fewer outsiders. After all, it is our money.

Now, for all the out-of-work young Caymanians, do not be tricked by the quick fixes that Government offers you. It is only to fool you and all the people. Look around at the many young people that are at the nightclubs. Most of them are packed with these young people drinking and dancing and having fun. They party until the wee hours of the morning, but you will not see the young children packed in our national trade school for we have none. We will not see the young people packing into the churches and you know why. Because there is bad leadership in the home. Mom and dad are busy working to stay afloat and many of our children are left to do their own thing. Bad leadership in the schools; many teachers are just there for the money and with our government, many of the children have lost hope and respect for they feel that they are pushed aside and the leaders of this country care about other things and not about them.

Many do not care anymore and as one young man said to me, ‘we are left out of what is supposed to be for us here in Cayman that can make our life and our future good. Even the churches have failed for we cannot go to the pastors for advice. All they care about is money.’

It is so sad for many of our young people are now looking for that easy way out with no fear of what might happen to them. Many are now in the drug world or have turned to some kind of crime. For as we all know, with no money, no job, bills to pay, food to eat, rent to pay and God knows many other bills to pay and more; what must one do?

Well, many of our people are now in that position and sad as it may be, many have turned to crime.

Look at the amount of crime that is caused by our young people. Look at the amount that have died foolishly or are in prison. Our children are our future and they must not be left out and if we create bad leaders in them now, our future as a culture will be bad and all will suffer. Your children and grandchildren will be worse off than we are now. So to all that are out there in trouble in some way or the other; do not be depressed and feel that no one cares about you. There is someone in your corner that will speak out for you. Someone who is not afraid to stand up for you.

Remember you all have your rights to a good future and do not forget your right to be heard. In the meantime, if you must do what that brave young Caymanian female did with her sign in the centre of George Town to get a job. Do just that. Take to the streets and let our leaders know what you need to happen for you. But always do so in a peaceful manner.

To the leaders of this country, instead of wasting our money on foolish things, help the young people of this Island with a national trade school. Our children really need one.

Young people of Cayman, do your part to stop the violence in any way you can.

Emile S. Levy

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