NCVO reports solid funding

This year, despite the continuing downturn in the local economy, the National Council of Voluntary Organisations has met its obligations and completed all planned projects.

According to a released statement, the year started well with over CI$140,000 being raised at the Radio-Telethon in November, along with considerable funds from the financial community that have assured the day-to-day operational expenses were met and spread around on various projects, including the foster home, the nursery and preschool.

Continued upgrades have been on going at the foster home, with the addition of a new bathroom wing, to give additional space for the girls in NCVO care. New computer and kitchen equipment, as well as all bedrooms have been refurbished.

Changes have also taken place at the preschool and nursery. A new fire alarm system, exit signs, security and emergency lighting, and hurricane shutters have been installed.

The school also has a new principal, as Caroline Ebanks succeeds Heather Lopez.

Grants in the amount of US$21,500 for assistance with tertiary education through the John Gray Fund were also awarded to 11 students pursuing degrees in a wide range of subjects.

The Caring Cousins Scheme continues to provide small personal items, such as toiletries for the elderly and infirm, particularly those in the Pines Nursing Home.

Lunch support funding for schoolchildren was expanded this year to cover an additional 15 people, and the Thrift Shop continues to run on a part-time basis and contributes a small amount to the overall finances, the NCVO reported.

The council is also in the process of securing further support from the financial services community and private trusts to enable NCVO to plan to continue and expand services to those in need for next year and beyond.

NCVO thanked the staff of the foster home, nursery and preschool for their excellent work, which coordinators said has impressed benefactors. Also recognised for works were Janice Wilson, chief executive officer, and John Alban, care manager, and committee members.

The new board officers are: Garry Wilkins, chair; Mike Donnelly, deputy chair; Janice Wilson, secretary; and Ken Krys and Anne-Marie Barley, treasurers. Board members are Olive Miller, Annie Multon, Pat Bazell-Taylor, Pam DeLisser, Angela Doyle, Heather Tatum, Roisin Cater, Eric Crutchley, Gonzalo Jalles, Eric Crutchley and Alice Mae Coe.

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