KRI dancers impressive

Energy, passion and committed performances by both children and young adults, were the hallmark of the KRI Performing Arts School’s latest series of performances at the Harquail Theatre, which ended last Sunday.

Cultural Invasion was designed to showcase the strong culture prevalent throughout the Caribbean as seen in dance, music and attitude.

The two-hour show, which comprised of more than 16 pieces was choreographed by Kirk Rowe, the school’s owner and artistic director.

The show began strong with a colourful dance from Trinidad called Belle – a flirtatious women’s dance, performed by the adult company.

The second piece was a lively Spanish medley, which started off with the teen dancers followed by the three- to six-year-olds and finished off with the conga danced by the adults. The dance was a mixture of movements popular throughout the Spanish islands and consisted mainly of the meringue, salsa and cha cha cha moves that made for an exciting medley.

One of the highlights of the show was Lost. The piece depicted someone lost in a jungle looking to find their way out.

“When I heard this particular piece of music the concept that came to me was being lost,” said Mr. Rowe.

“With that in mind, I created a piece with that energy… someone being disoriented and the different obstacles they face and overcome to triumph,” he added.

Cultural Invasion was well attended by families and friends of the school as well as other members of the public and the performances did not disappoint.

The young performers, the youngest were three years old, displayed a love of dance and were clearly very excited to be on stage. The main dance with which showed off the skills of the youngest in the company was Circle of Life.

The audience was also impressed by the duet performed by two of the company’s junior dancers: Kalie Broderick, 9, and Charlee Walton, 9.

Probably among the most experienced dancers in Grand Cayman today, KRI’s senior dancers have been invited to make their first major overseas appearance at Little Theatre in Kingston on 3-7 March in a show called Under the Umbrella. They will perform with all the major dance companies in Jamaica including the prestigious National Dance Theatre Company.

For further information about KRI Performing Arts School and its child and adult classes contact Kirk Rowe 925 4757.

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