Students get lesson in good dental health

George Town Primary School students
learned all about the importance of caring for their teeth and gums as part of
a three-week health programme recently.

The Health Services Authority
conducted the course last month, with the students starting off by finding out
the differences between human and animal teeth and trying to identify the teeth
of great white sharks, cats, dogs, iguanas and turtles.

Programme organiser Veronica
Jackson-Seales said: “Our aim is to ensure that the children learn the right
lessons in order to keep their teeth for a lifetime. It’s especially important
in youngsters of this age, because they are at that transitional stage when
they are losing their milk teeth and about to develop their permanent

The programme culminated in a
presentation of the students’ research projects that showed the differences
among many types of teeth, as well as dental care.

“It was a gratifying experience for
the students, teachers and parents as a lot of new information was gathered to
assist the children with the project,” Ms Jackson-Seales said.

The 20 best entries won the
opportunity to go on a field trip to the Health Services Authority’s dental
clinic on 25 November. There the children met dentists and hygienists who
provide dental services and find out more about what they do.

During their visit, they saw dental
cleanings, fitting of dentures, the creation of crowns, bridges and other
orthodontic pieces.

Chief Dental Officer Dr. John
Vlitos was delighted with the visit: “It was a pleasure to have so many
well-behaved children interested in teeth and asking questions about dentistry,”
he said. “Our staff found it a really rewarding and enjoyable experience.”

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