Biggest Loser heading to Cayman


One of the first trips the newest Biggest Loser, Patrick House, will make is to the Cayman Islands this weekend to visit his brother.

After doing the rounds of media interviews in the United States, Mr. House plans to hop on a flight and hang out with brother Donnie, who lives and works in Cayman.

Donnie and his wife Adelette – both wearing green Biggest Loser T-shirts to show their support for Patrick – and a group of at least 50 friends and supporters watched with bated breath at a large outdoor screen at the Dog House Tuesday night as Patrick stepped on the scales for the final time on the show and it was revealed he had lost an amazing 181 pounds.

“I was so excited… I was a nervous wreck,” Donnie said of the final minutes of the show. His brother was the last contestant to be weighed in during the two-hour live episode.

Describing the scene outside the bar as the crowd awaited the results, Donnie said: “It was dead quiet.

No-one said a word. Everyone was hanging on the moment.

Of course, [the show] dragged it out and it was torture as we had to wait and wait.

When they finally announced it, the place erupted.”

He said he was delighted that so many people showed up to support his brother, and him, at the screening. “It was great to have that support in Cayman,” he said.

Regular viewers of the show would recognise Donnie, who appeared on The Biggest Loser twice to support his brother – once in the first episode as the contestants were introduced, and again in the second to last episode in which the competitors took part in a marathon.

Patrick House, who joined the show weighing 400 pounds, lost 45.25 per cent of his body weight to become the champion of season 10 of the popular reality weight-loss show.

Speaking on Wed-nesday, the morning after the show, Donnie House, who is the acting director of the government’s Internal Audit Unit, said he and his family were still celebrating.

Asked if he had thought his brother was going to win before the weigh-in, he said: “I knew he had done tremendously. It was hard to tell who’d won, though. Everyone there lost so much weight and worked so hard. There was no way to know until they actually weighed in who was going to win,” he said.

He spoke with his brother on the phone about an hour after the show, just before Patrick took an overnight flight for New York to be interviewed on The Today Show, and again Wednesday morning.

“I told him how proud we were of him. I’d told him before that, regardless what the outcome was, the show has changed his life. He is so much healthier…” he said.

Patrick House has visited Cayman twice before and plans to visit again this weekend.

“We’re hoping he’ll come here more regularly now that he has a job and won some money,” said Donnie.

His brother won US$250,000 as The Biggest Loser and, after being unemployed since January, the former sales rep has landed a job in South Carolina teaching at a school for teenagers with obesity problems.

He will start work there in January. “We’re looking forward to seeing him more,” said Donnie.

Throughout the show, 28-year-old Patrick, from Vicksburg, Mississippi, spoke of how he needed to lose weight to ensure he could see his two young boys grow up.

“I’ve changed the future of my life with my family,” he said on the finale. “I’m going to be around a lot longer for them.”

He beat two other finalists, Frado Dinten, who lost 162 pounds, and Ada Wong, who lost 99 pounds, to take the latest title of The Biggest Loser.


Adelette and Donnie House proudly show off their Biggest Loser T-shirts as they await the results of the show.

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